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Sep 17, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Dirhamsyah, 2018, "A Critical Review of the National Policy for Coastal and Coral Reef Resources Management in Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V1
The purpose of this paper is to examine the development and problems of the Indonesian policy for coastal and ocean resources management, including coral reef management. This paper provides the background basis of the national coral reef policy and strategy for addressing the In...
Jul 30, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Rahayu, Dwi Listyo; Shih, Hsi-Te; Ng, Peter K. L., 2018, "A New Species of Land Hermit Crab in The Genus Coenobita Latreille, 1829 from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, Previously Confused with C. cavipes Stimpson, 1858 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Anomura: Coenobitidae)",, RIN Dataverse, V2
A new species of land hermit crab in the genus Coenobita Latreille, 1829 (Anomura: Coenobitidae), C. lila, is described from Singapore and adjacent countries. The new species has previously been confused with C. cavipes Stimpson, 1858, but they can be distinguished by the former...
Oct 14, 2018 - Prosiding Dataverse
Machida, Masaki; Syahailatua, Augy, 2018, "A New Species Of Systidicolid Nematode From Driftfish Of Indonesia",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Mastigospirura cubicipitis gen. et sp. nov. (Nematoda, Cystidicolidae) is decribed for specimens collected from the intestine of a driftfish, Cubiceps sp. from Ambon of Indonesia. The new genus is distinguished from the closely related genera Ascarophis and Neoascarophis by havin...
Sep 24, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Purwati, P.; Widianwary, P.; Dwiono, S. A. P.; Samir, O., 2018, "Aggregation of Holothuria (Metriatyla) Albiventer Semper 1868 (Echinodermata: Aspidochirotida) on Seagrass Area of Medana Bay, West Lombok",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Mapping technique has not been popular in holothurian monitoring procedures. We introduced the use of global positioning system to determine the local distribution pattern and estimate the individual number of Holothuria albiventer al Medana Bay, West Lombok, Indonesia. During eb...
Sep 24, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Setyono, Dwi Eny Djoko, 2018, "Akuakultur dengan Sistem Resir",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Aquaculture is a largescale production of aquatic organism under controlled or semicontrolled condition, but not include the raising or breeding of aquatic flora and fauna as aquarium species, in laboratory experiment, and/or for special personal used. The general basic knowledge...
Sep 24, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Rositasari, Ricky, 2018, "Ammonia beccarii (Foraminifera bentik) sebagai Indikator Kualitas Perairan Pesisir di Utara Jawa",, RIN Dataverse, V1
Perairan pesisir merupakan wilayah yang sangat rentan terhadap aliran antropogenik, untuk itu pelaksaaan pemantauan kualitas perairan merupakan suatu agenda yang penting dilaksanakan. Ammonia beccarii merupakan foraminifera bentik perairan dangkal yang memiliki kemampuan untuk me...
Apr 17, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal
Puspitasari, Rachma, 2018, "Amphipod Sebagai Biota Uji Sedimen", doi:10.5072/FK2/K7CUJC, RIN Dataverse, V1
Sediments provide habitat for many benthic and epibenthic organisms. Sediments also influence the environmental fate of many chemical substances in aquatic ecosystems by acting as both sinks and subsequently sources of substances that have entered the aquatic environment. Many aq...
Sep 24, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Murniasih, Tutik; Kardono, Soleh Kosela; Kardono,L.B. S.; Hanafi, Muhammad; Priyono, Wahyudi, 2018, "An Antibacterial Compound Isolated from Sponge-Associated Bacteria Rhodobacteracea Bacterium",, RIN Dataverse, V2
Information about antimicrobial compound derived from Rhodobacteraceae bacterium is not reported yet. The goal of this study was to get chemical structure of substance that play an important role inhibits pathogenic bacteria growth The investigation of antibacterial compounds der...
Apr 10, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal
Arifin, Taslim; Bohari, Ridwan; Arlyza, Irma Shita, 2018, "Analysis of Space Suitability Based on Marine Agriculture in The Small Islands Around Makassar", doi:10.5072/FK2/DF7XNQ, RIN Dataverse, V1
The purpose of research is to analyze the suitability of the waters and environmental carrying capacityfor utilization of marine aquaculture. Analysis of the data using conformity matrix is based on thephysical-chemical parameters of the waters. Analysis of environmental carrying...
Apr 19, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal
Murniasih, Tutik, 2018, "Antifungal compounds derived from sponge Aaptos Sp. Collected from Pari Island", doi:10.5072/FK2/GHHYYA, RIN Dataverse, V1
Base to the purpose of the finding a new source of antifungal compounds origin from Indonesian marine resources, the screening of sponges extract collected from Pari Island was done. Several of methanol extracts showed active against the pathogenic fungus Tricophyton rubrum and C...
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