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Nov 26, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Rindyastuti, Ridesti, 2018, "Carbon Storage of Medium-Sized Tree: a Case Study on Dillenia Collection in Purwodadi Botanic Garden",, RIN Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:z5jmfjWy6kAqPiP4n8GJng==
Dillenia is a medium-sized tree which has high species diversity in tropical regions especially in Southeast Asia. Dillenia in Purwodadi Botanic Garden are collected from native habitats in Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua which planted on the area of 17 x 55 m2. The purpose...
PNG Image - 1.1 MB - MD5: 33294a56e3e96c4ce88cf2a6f2edae33
The trees of Dillenia collection in Purwodadi Botanic Garden. a) The 12 years old D. sumatrana with height around 3 m tall and DBH 11 cm. b) The 20 years old D. auriculata with trees height around 9.1 m tall and DBH 40 cm. c) 30 years old D. philipinensis with trees height 8.9 m...
Tabular Data - 987 bytes - 5 Variables, 12 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:E+t2ECTpSVaMxPA65kO73w==
Species list, origin of plant collection and plant distribution of Dillenia collection in Purwodadi Botanic Garden.
Tabular Data - 1.0 KB - 8 Variables, 13 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:QN9htu7FJzgHLKC1pXEPdg==
The value of DBH, biomass, per plant and per ha carbon stocks of 10 species of Dillenia in Purwodadi Botanic Garden.
Tabular Data - 869 bytes - 5 Variables, 13 Observations - UNF: UNF:6:zJu7Kpd93LTyjLshg2Cb9g==
Comparison between per plant and per Ha carbon storage of Dillenia with those of other plant groups and early stage secondary forest.
Nov 26, 2018 - Artikel Jurnal Dataverse
Priyotomo, Gadang; Putrayasa, I Nyoman Gede; Nuraini, Lutviasari, 2018, "Preliminary Study on Dimocarpus Longan Peel as Inhibitors for the Pitting Corrosion of 5052-O and 6061-O Aluminium Alloys in Artificial Brine Solution",, RIN Dataverse, V1
The effect of dimocarpus longan peel extract onthe pitting corrosion of 5052-O and 6061-O aluminiumalloys in an aqueous solution of artificial brine has beenstudied employing open circuit potential (OCP) and cyclicpotentiodynamic polarization techniques. Moreover, surfacestudies...
JPEG Image - 55.8 KB - MD5: 1f6f454fe154fda1bfb7066cc0a4c544
Fig. 6. Element distribution of Al-5052 alloy after the anodic polarization test in artificial brine solution by adding inhibitor corrosion.
JPEG Image - 53.2 KB - MD5: d90ca7a27acaa86cbadfa05206927010
Fig. 7. Element distribution of Al-6061 alloy after the anodic polarization test in artificial brine solution by adding inhibitor corrosion.
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